Best plugins for wordpress free 2023

Best plugins are pieces of WordPress-based software that may be installed to your website to increase its functionality and add new features without altering WordPress’s core code. These developer-made plugins are simple to install and activate through the WordPress dashboard.

WordPress plugins give you several options for customising your website, such adding contact forms, making sliders, enhancing search engine optimisation (SEO), connecting to social media sites, enabling e-commerce, and much more. In essence, they give you the ability to improve your website and modify it to meet your particular demands without having to have significant coding skills.

With regard to WordPress plugins, the wide range of free choices accessible can assist you in improving the usability and user experience of your website without spending a fortune. Here are some of the top free plugins from different categories that you might want to take into account:

Top free best plugins

Rnak math: is a well-liked WordPress SEO best plugins that provides a wealth of tools to make your website search engine friendly. It offers a simple user interface and a strong collection of tools to increase the visibility of your website in search engine results.

Akismet: Created by the WordPress developers, Akismet is a fantastic tool for preventing comment spam. It keeps the comment section of your website clean by filtering out spam remarks.

WooCommerce: WooCommerce is the recommended option if you want to set up an online store. Best plugins It provides a strong and user-friendly platform that makes it simple to build and maintain your e-commerce website.

The WordPress creator: Automattic created a plugin called Jetpack that offers a number of features like site statistics, image optimisation, security, and social network integration.

Wordfence Security: is a dependable security plugin that aids in guarding your website against harmful threats. A firewall, virus scanning, login security, and other features are included.

One of the most widely used contact form plugins is Contact Form 7, which has more than 5 million active installs. You can easily develop and manage numerous contact forms thanks to it.

Smush: This image optimisation plugin aids in file size reduction without sacrificing image quality, resulting in quicker page loads and improved site performance.

Elementor: This drag-and-drop page builder, which also has a paid edition, enables you to design unique layouts without any coding experience.

Regular backups: are essential, and UpdraftPlus makes the process easier. It gives you the option to programme automated backups and save them on online storage providers like Dropbox or Google Drive.

Another picture optimisation plug-in: is called ShortPixel, which aids in resizing and compressing photos to speed up websites. It features a WebP conversion option and supports a number of picture formats.

Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP): for WordPress serve to enhance user experience and page loading times on mobile devices. This plugin automatically adds AMP compatibility to your WordPress website.

Cookie Notice: Because cookie consent is increasingly being viewed as a legal necessity in many jurisdictions, this plugin shows a customised cookie notice to users to let them know that cookies are being used on your site.

Redirection: The Redirection plugin is a strong and user-friendly choice if you need to handle 301 redirects or track 404 problems.

It’s important to keep in mind that installing more Best plugins than you actually need will cause your website to load slowly and may even break compatibility. To maintain the security and effectiveness of your website, update your plugins frequently. You can improve your WordPress website without spending any money by using these free plugins. The plugins are hudge effective.

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