What is Subdomain in Hostinger 2023

crucial for organising and managing the material on your website. They let you build various portions of your website while keeping your brand identity constant. Popular web host Hostinger provides a user-friendly interface for setting up and maintaining We’ll walk you through the process of creating a in Hostinger step-by-step in this article.

Table of Contents

  1. Understanding Subdomain

• What Does a Subdomain Mean?

  1. Logging into Hostinger

• Logging into your hosting account;

• Accessing the Hostinger Control Panel

  1. Navigating to the Section

Accessing the Settings and Locating the Domain Section

  1. Creating a New Subdomain

• Domain selection; 

Document Root Configuration

  1. Managing Settings

• Changing the subdomain’s settings 

  1. Best Practices

• SEO considerations 

• SSL certificates for subdomains 

• Content organisation

  1. Troubleshooting Common Issues

• Delays in DNS Propagation


displayed is as a prefix to your primary domain, for example, .yourdomain.com.”

Benefits of Using Subdomains

  • Content Organization: let you divide the material on your website into separate sections, improving navigation and user experience.
  • Improved SEO: In order to target distinct audience segments and maybe improve your website’s search engine rankings, might be optimised for particular keywords.
  • Clear Branding: assist in preserving a distinct brand identity for various areas of your website, each with its own specific purpose and content.
  • 2. Logging into Hostinger

Accessing the Hostinger Control Panel

You must enter the Hostinger management panel in order to create and manage By going to the Hostinger website and signing into your hosting account, you can accomplish this.

Logging into Your Hosting Account

Locate the “Login” or “Control Panel” button once you are on the Hostinger home page. The control panel for your hosting account can be accessed by entering your login information (username and password).

3.Finding the Domain Section

Look for the “Domains” or “Domain Management” area in the Hostinger control panel. You can manage your domains’ settings here,

Accessing the Subdomain Settings

A list of your domains can be found in the Domain Management section. Find the option beneath the domain you wish to establish a under. To access the settings, click it.

4. Creating a New Subdomain

Your domains are listed in a drop down menu in the settings. Decide the domain you wish to add a to.

Entering the Subdomain Name

In the area provided for entry, type the appropriate name. For instance, you can enter “blog” as the name if you wish to create a for your blog.

Document Root Configuration

The location where the files for your will be kept is called the document root. This is frequently pre-filled by Hostinger based on the name you typed in. Although you can change this if necessary, the default setup usually works just fine.

5. Managing Subdomain Settings

You can return to the subdomain area of the control panel to make adjustments if necessary, later. You can change the document root, the name, and any other necessary changes

Deleting a Subdomain

You can remove a from the subdomain settings if you no longer require it. Be careful because this step will permanently delete all files related to the subdomain.

6. Content Organization

Based on the kind of content or services you wish to provide, plan your Keep each material distinct and pertinent.

SEO Considerations

For SEO purposes, each can be viewed as a distinct entity. Make sure that your subdomains are properly interlinked with your main and optimise each one for pertinent keywords.

SSL Certificates for Subdomains

To ensure secure communications, think about getting SSL certificates for your . Through Let’s Encrypt, many hosting companies, including Hostinger, provide free SSL certificates.

7. Troubleshooting Common Issues

In Hostinger, how can I create a subdomain?Check the DNS records to make sure they are configured properly if your isn’t operating as it should. Give DNS propagation some time; it can take up to 48 hours.

DNS Propagation Delays

Due to DNS propagation, DNS changes, including creation, might not be immediately effective. As DNS records are updated all over the internet, this latency develops. Wait for the changes to spread while being patient.


creation in Hostinger is a simple procedure that improves the structure and operation of your website. You may effectively construct, administer, and optimise to give your website users a smooth experience by following the instructions provided in this tutorial. To get the most out of your, keep in mind to take your content strategy, SEO efforts, and security precautions into account.

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