5 Best Websites to Find Free Stock Images for Your Blog in 2023

The effective communication of your message to blog readers depends heavily on the use of visual content. High-quality photographs can improve your blog entries’ overall attractiveness and make them more interesting. But buying stock photos may be pricey, particularly for bloggers on a limited budget. Thankfully, there are several websites that provide free stock photos that blogs can use lawfully. This post will examine the top five resources for free stock pictures for blogs, enabling you to improve your content without going over budget.


Bloggers, designers, and content producers all know and love Unsplash as a platform. It features a sizable collection of high-resolution pictures that contributors from all over the world have provided. Unsplash is recognised for its beautiful images, which are arranged into a variety of categories and issues to make it simple to pick the ideal picture for your site..

Key Features:

• A vast collection of more than 2 million freely used photos.

• High-resolution images appropriate for a range of uses.

• Simple choices for filtering and searching.

• A wide range of categories and topics, including those related to lifestyle, technology, and the natural world.

• For the majority of photographs, attribution is not necessary, but it is appreciated


Free Stock


Another well-known website that provides a huge selection of top-notch stock photos and videos is Pexels. Because of its simple navigation and wide variety of images, this platform is a favourite among bloggers and advertisers. You can use the free photos that Pexels offers under the Creative Commons Zero (CC0) licence without worrying about copyright issues your websites.

Key Features:

• A sizable library of cost-free stock photos and videos; simple search and filtering tools; high-resolution content appropriate for blogs, social networking, and more.Images are made available under the CC0 licence, which permits their uncredited usage for both personal and commercial purposes.

  1. Pixabay

A veritable gold mine of free stock photos, graphics, vectors, and movies can be found on Pixabay. For bloggers looking to improve their material, it’s a great resource with over 2.2 million high-quality images. You can use photos for both personal and commercial purposes without giving credit thanks to Pixabay’s liberal licencing policy.

Key Features:

  • • A vast library of unrestricted pictures, vectors, movies, and graphics; • Simple search and filtering tools.
  • • Content in high resolution ideal for blogs and other digital media.
  • • Most photos don’t require attribution.
  1. Canva

Bloggers looking for free stock photos will find Canva to be an invaluable resource in addition to being a design tool. In addition to premium assets, Canva offers a selection of free pictures, graphics, and themes that may be altered to match the look of your site. If you want to produce graphics and visuals immediately within the Canva interface, this platform is really practical.

Key Features:

• A large selection of no-cost stock photos and graphics; • An intuitive design interface with drag-and-drop capabilities.

• Social media postings and blog graphics themes that can be customised.

• The majority of free assets don’t require attribution.


Freepik is a flexible platform that provides free vector graphics, icons, and templates in addition to free stock photos. Although Freepik does need credit for free graphics, it can be a useful tool for bloggers wishing to incorporate distinctive pictures into their work. It’s a fantastic option for individuals looking to design captivating blog headers, infographics, and other graphic components.

Key Features:

  •  A huge selection of unrestricted free stock photos, vector graphics, icons, and themes.
  •  Simple options for searching and filtering are available.
  •  Modifiable templates for different design tasks.
  •  While the majority of free assets demand attribution, premium options are accessible without it..


It doesn’t have to break the bank to find premium stock photos for your site. Unsplash, Pexels, Pixabay, Canva, and Freepik are five websites that provide a plethora of free materials that can improve the aesthetic appeal of your blog posts. These services can provide you with gorgeous images, graphics, or layouts. Keep in mind to review the licencing conditions for each image you use and, if necessary, give the creators proper credit. You may generate aesthetically appealing blog content with these tools at your disposal to keep readers interested and returning for more.

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